About Us


Wellspect - A Real Difference

For those with urinary or bowel disorders, life often doesn’t run smoothly. It means hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. It can be overwhelming, confronting and confusing. We’re here to change that.


Because we believe that by combining the best technology, with the right people and process, we can make life a little smoother. That means having an expert team available to give advice and help find the right product from the get-go - and we’ve got the range to make that happen. That means engineering our catheters to have the smoothest surface coating. That means making our online ordering and re-ordering the most seamless experience, with free next business day shipping with none of the high mark-ups other suppliers charge. And that means continuing to explore new technologies, new medical breakthroughs and new ways of working to ensure we stay the best.

We are Wellspect and we’re here to make life smoother.